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Canine Massage Therapy

doggie massage

Humans have been known to pet animals for centuries. Animals like dogs and cats have always been a part of human history in one way or another. Even though there were other animals like cows, goats etc., they were never given the same stature of pets as it is often given to cats and dogs. When it comes to friendliness and loyalty, dogs have maintained their position at the top.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog 

dog relationship

It takes commitment and hard work to maintain a healthy relationship with a fellow human. And if you are not active, your relationship with your loved one will wax cold. Dog and man relationship can wax cold also. That is why you need to put in extra work to make your pup happy and improve the relationship between the both of you. It is never too late. You can start now and still earn your dog’s trust, love, and respect. Here are simple tips to help you improve the relationship with your cute pup.

Improve the quality of time you spend with your pup

You are always on the road, thinking about yourself, and maybe your immediate family. Wait a minute, is your pup not part of your family? Your relationship with your dog will never improve if you are that self-centered. Know that your absence is making your dog feel lonely. 

However, you can improve your relationship by spending quality time with your beloved dog. Take a walk often to strengthen the bond between the both of you; you will make your dog happy and healthier by doing this. And have in mind that a healthy dog is a happy dog.

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Furry Therapy: How Pets Benefit Our Overall Health


If you’ve ever cared for any kind of pet, there’s an intuitive understanding of the overall positive effects its companionship has on life. And while understanding the fondness for these furry friends may come naturally, there has been a growing body of scientific work to help the world better understand the far reaching effects pets have on life. 

The article provides 8 ways pets improve lives that you may not have heard about. 

Fondness For Pets And Their Overall Benefits

If you have yet to commit to being a pet owner, you may not fully understand why people’s pets are all over social media, YouTube, and are a constant subject of memes. The simple explanation is that they have an innate way of entertaining people. But apart from being undoubtedly cute, and frequently funny, there are underlying reasons why people love having pets. 

As noted by Veterinary Manual, pets allow their owners to feel needed as caregivers and nurturers, while also being able to return the favor. 

Pets offer an unconditional affection that improves their owners’ ability to cope with personal difficulties and bouts of loneliness. But more importantly, the mere act of caring for a pet gives owners another reason to justify their existence, and to stay healthy. 

Here are other health benefits brought about by pets you may not have known about.  

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How to Train a Frenchie

cute Frenchie

Puppies are some of the cutest creatures on earth. We see them all over blogs and social media, with some even having their own pages with thousands of followers. It’s no wonder that many people are wanting to adopt these little characters as an addition to their families. Of course, with adopting any new pet, especially a puppy, there is a lot of responsibility involved in making sure that your new puppy is well taken care of. French Bulldogs, in particular, have special needs as a breed so it is important that you follow these tips to ensure the best life for your new doggie.

Learn About the Breed

Although most dogs will maintain similar characteristics with each other, French Bulldogs have specific tendencies and needs that should be studied carefully. For instance, their short snouts make breathing a little less easy than most other dogs. This means they tend to have respiratory sensitivities. Being aware of things like this can be a matter of life or death for your new pet as you would be cautious of his activity levels and health needs. Read More…

7 Simple Tricks for a Healthy Shiny Dog Coat

shiny dog coat

Like most pet owners you probably consider your dog an important member of your family. You want to ensure that your pup is both happy and healthy. An often overlooked, yet vital indicator of canine health, is your dog’s coat. A shiny, soft coat is reflective of a well taken care pooch. There are a number of simple tips and home remedies that can guarantee your dog has a sleek and smooth coat regardless of the time of year. 

A dog’s coat is commonly delineated into one of two types: a double coat or a single coat. A double coat consists of an undercoat and a topcoat, whereas a dog with a single coat lacks the additional undercoat. Long haired dog breeds, for instance, do not have a double coat and their coat is referred to as simply a hair coat. In contrast, mountain dogs or breeds such as the Newfoundland possess a double coat consisting of both the soft undercoat and tougher topcoat.

Regardless of breed, a dry and brittle coat can be indicative of a variety of underlying issues. Causes of a dull coat can range from a poor diet to other common health issues such as tapeworms, infections, or thyroid problems. A visit to veterinarian can rule out more serious health issues that may result in a dull and dry coat. 

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