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7 Simple Tricks for a Healthy Shiny Dog Coat

shiny dog coat

Like most pet owners you probably consider your dog an important member of your family. You want to ensure that your pup is both happy and healthy. An often overlooked, yet vital indicator of canine health, is your dog’s coat. A shiny, soft coat is reflective of a well taken care pooch. There are a number of simple tips and home remedies that can guarantee your dog has a sleek and smooth coat regardless of the time of year. 

A dog’s coat is commonly delineated into one of two types: a double coat or a single coat. A double coat consists of an undercoat and a topcoat, whereas a dog with a single coat lacks the additional undercoat. Long haired dog breeds, for instance, do not have a double coat and their coat is referred to as simply a hair coat. In contrast, mountain dogs or breeds such as the Newfoundland possess a double coat consisting of both the soft undercoat and tougher topcoat.

Regardless of breed, a dry and brittle coat can be indicative of a variety of underlying issues. Causes of a dull coat can range from a poor diet to other common health issues such as tapeworms, infections, or thyroid problems. A visit to veterinarian can rule out more serious health issues that may result in a dull and dry coat. 

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United Airlines Has Begun Banning Certain Dog Breeds from Traveling – Is One Yours?

dog travel

With summer approaching, it might be tempting to think about quitting your job and traveling abroad with your furry friend. The only problem, however, is that taking your four-legged animal on vacation with you has now become a complex matter. This is primarily due to the fact that multiple high-profile cases surfaced last year that involved animals dying on planes. Although companies like United Airlines said they’re teaming up with American humane societies to prevent this from happening again, they’re also updating their pet handling process.

What does this mean? It means pet owners should expect to see a change in airline policies — changes that will minimize incidents with pets and changes that will also ban certain breeds along the way.

United Airlines, for example, have banned several dog breeds that include bulldogs, Boston terriers, all pugs, boxers, shih tzus, mastiffs, American pitbulls, and Pekingese. The airline has even started banning chickens, large rabbits, and piglets that are less than eight weeks old from flying as well. So, why were certain breeds banned and not others? 

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The 5 Best Ways to take CBD for People and Their Pets

pet cbd

Every day more and more people, as well as pets, are finding incredible help with their medical conditions with CBD oil, and it’s a beautiful thing to see it helping so many. And because of this, we are seeing more and more ways to take CBD from oils to vaping to edibles. With CBD helping so many people in different situations, being able to administer CBD either on the go, or nice and slow, is a godsend for many.


Let’s start with CBD oil itself since it’s the most malleable form (can be used in capsules, edibles, etc.) and it’s the most popular being the original. I personally advise CBD oil that’s taken sublingually as the best route to go for beginners. Capsules are pretty easy as well, but will the oil and a dropper, you can easily mess around with your dose by making small incremental changes. With the oil, you can dose 1mg or 3mg or 18mg, where with capsules you’re stuck at whatever size the capsule is.  

Oils can also easily be thrown into food or beverages, and this actually brings up the main negative — they taste earthy and grassy. Many don’t seem to have a big issue with this, but there are many options available if you end up not liking the taste.

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