Month: September 2018


Babies and Dogs: Creating a Safe Relationship

dogs babies

Throughout the years, dogs have been known to bring joy, loyalty, and a sense of security to families all across the world –– whether they’re adopted or chosen as puppies. But what if children are involved and the animal experiences new behavioral problems? Does the joy remain in the home, or does it go away? The answer to that question depends on the owner and their training abilities. With that in mind, in order to protect both your child and your four-legged animal, it’s important for your child to learn how to interact with the family’s pet to help reduce tension.

If kids aren’t taught how to respect an animal’s personal space, things can go south quick, and the child could get bit. Depending on the bite, the injury could range from minor to severe and could result in the animal being euthanized, which is something no family wants. So, to avoid these things from happening, it’s best for parents and guardians to work with their children early on to establish a good relationship.

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