5 Must-Dos in Toronto

toronto skyline

Toronto is the capital city of the Ontario province and it’s also the biggest city in Canada. It is located on the coast of Lake Ontario and it has population of over 2,5 million people. Citizens of Toronto call themselves torontonians (English) or torontois (French). The origin of the name “Toronto” comes from the Iroquoian word tkaronto, which means “place where trees stand in the water”. 

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities of the world and many people refer to it as “The New York City of Canada”. And they are not far from the truth. Downtown area is always crowded, and except numerous people, it is filled with breathtaking skyscrapers. Those glass giants are forcing you to raise your head up and stare in awe. On the street level, Toronto is offering a lot of restaurants, bars, shopping experiences and more. Aside from that concrete jungle, there are a lot of smaller green areas where you can take a breath and enjoy your coffee or a snack. And if you’re looking for recreational activities, you can find many parks and open spaces with all the amenities. 

It is completely understandable that one can find them self lost and confused in the sea of possibilities. Especially if you are visiting for the first time. Let’s narrow down the list of all the sightseeing and activities the city of Toronto has offer and pick the best for you!


The CN tower is the signature icon of the Toronto’s skyline. It is a communications and observation tower located in Downtown Toronto. It’s 553.3 meters (1 815,3 ft) high and it was finished in 1976. 

On top of the CN tower, there is a restaurant called 360. It offers a panoramic view of the city from every table since it revolves every 72 minutes. There is also a LookOut level which is all in glass, including another glass floor, offering you spectacular panoramic and vertical view of the city and the Lake Ontario. Underneath is a Sky Pod with tilted windows to enjoy vertical view from the tower.

For all the adrenaline lovers, CN tower offers an Edge Walk – the highest external walk on a building. It’s a full circle hands-free walk 116 stores above the ground on a 1.5 m (5 ft) wide ledge. Visitors are tied to an overhead safety rail via trolley and harness system, allowing you to push your limits and lean over the edge. 


Kensington market, once known as a Jewish market, is one of the most vibrant and colorful neighborhoods in Toronto. It is located in Downtown Toronto, west of Chinatown and it is blooming with different independent stores, bars, restaurants and food shops offering food from every corner of the world. From historic landmarks, you can find Number 8 Fire Station and Bellevue Square Park.

Something is always going on there and streets are filled with people, so avoid going there by car because the parking is a nightmare. You can reach it with a public transport or a taxi. But if you want something more personal Toronto Party Bus service is a great alternative for you. For a reasonable price you can rent a limo or a bus (depending on the number of people) that will take you anywhere in Toronto and GTA, so you can continue your sightseeing comfortable and without worrying about traffic. Even if you want to continue it until late in the evening.


The High Park is the largest park in Downtown Toronto with area of 161 hectares, it is located at the West End of the city center. Whenever you get tired of city’s rush, you can relax and take a breath in this beautiful park. You can stroll around or you can grab a blanket and have a picnic under the trees. As well as beautiful greenery this park holds many educational, cultural and sporting facilities as well as playgrounds and garden. During summer the Canadian Stage Company will perform Shakespearean plays while during the wintertime tobogganing is very popular.

Grenadier Pond, Colborne Pond and High Park Zoo are some other points of interest that can be found in the park. High Park Zoo is free for all visitors during the working hours.


For those of you who are shopaholics, Eaton Center shopping mall is a must-go to location. It is the best place to start your shopping spree and spend some pocket money. With the time and thanks to numerous shopaholics Eaton Center became one of the city’s landmarks. 

The Eaton Center is spread over 200 000 square meters (2 167 000 sq ft) and it holds hundreds of brand name stores, as well as many restaurants, bars and entertainment. 


If you decide to visit Toronto, you cannot leave without spending an afternoon at the Lake Ontario. Beaches and Upper Beaches are part of old Toronto, bordering Lake Ontario. The area was enhanced in the early 1900s and since then it became up-rising touristic destination. The neighborhood contains many restaurants, coffee shops, bars and locally owned shops and food stores.

Right on the lakeshore there’s a great stretch of soft sand inviting you to take your shoes off and walk barefoot or just lay down and sunbathe. During summer there are many water activities available; swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, etc. But also, you can just enjoy a nice stroll in the shade of the trees on the walkway.

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