The 5 Best Ways to take CBD for People and Their Pets

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Every day more and more people, as well as pets, are finding incredible help with their medical conditions with CBD oil, and it’s a beautiful thing to see it helping so many. And because of this, we are seeing more and more ways to take CBD from oils to vaping to edibles. With CBD helping so many people in different situations, being able to administer CBD either on the go, or nice and slow, is a godsend for many.


Let’s start with CBD oil itself since it’s the most malleable form (can be used in capsules, edibles, etc.) and it’s the most popular being the original. I personally advise CBD oil that’s taken sublingually as the best route to go for beginners. Capsules are pretty easy as well, but will the oil and a dropper, you can easily mess around with your dose by making small incremental changes. With the oil, you can dose 1mg or 3mg or 18mg, where with capsules you’re stuck at whatever size the capsule is.  

Oils can also easily be thrown into food or beverages, and this actually brings up the main negative — they taste earthy and grassy. Many don’t seem to have a big issue with this, but there are many options available if you end up not liking the taste.


Capsules are the go-to if you’re in a hurry and usually, they come in 10mg dose but if you look around it shouldn’t be hard to find a higher or lower CBD capsule amount — remember, you can always make a customized dose with CBD oil and make your own.

The best thing about capsules is they are incredibly discrete — it looks like you’re simply taking a vitamin. I personally have had some burping issues with CBD pills and have seen others say the same. There is no issue with this and the phenomenon is eerily similar to complaints of burping people get with fish oil capsules — luckily, CBD burps are way less disgusting.

Oral Sprays and Vaping

Oral sprays are becoming increasingly popular and this is because they come in fun flavors!! That’s right, you can enjoy the taste of vanilla, peppermint, or mocha as your anxiety washes away. Oral sprays are also super inconspicuous, and there is nothing to worry about if you don’t want people to know you are taking CBD in public.

Vaping’s popularity is quickly increasing and it’s a surprise it’s taken this long. Vaping CBD is completely safe for the lungs, and CBD will start entering into the bloodstream within seconds — you’ll usually start feeling CBD’s helping hand within 5 minutes.

A common worry about vaping is getting a correct dose. but don’t worry, it’s very easy to dose because CBD is very trial-and-error friendly and this goes for all application methods.

Topical Lotions

Need quick relief from a headache that won’t stop pounding the same spot over and over again? Then grab some CBD topical lotion and apply it to the area that’s ruining your day for fast-acting direct relief.

Topicals are pretty much instant relief and best suited for temporary pains and not illnesses that cause chronic pain: fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, MS, etc.

Dog Treats

Did you know that our pets can benefit just as much from CBD as we can? CBD oil for pets is incredibly popular for the exact same reasons and it has really been helping pets find relief from their epilepsy, separation anxiety, and helping older pets feel young again by reducing their arthritis and pain.

When looking for CBD oil for dogs, reviews are incredibly important to check because pets are more sensitive to CBD and other cannabinoids and need less than we do. As well, THC is toxic to dogs unlike humans, so it really important that you only give your pooch high-quality CBD products derived from hemp.

Which Method is Best for You

As I mentioned above, I think CBD oil is the best for beginners and will suit the most needs. We already have the two aforementioned reasons:

  • First, you can create several other CBD products with CBD oil
  • Second, it’s easy to vary and make incremental changes to your dose.

As well, CBD oil is absorbed quite quickly in the mucous membranes in the lining of the mouth which means you start to feel CBD working so much faster than with a capsule. As well, absorption through the mucous membranes should mean that CBD will avoid metabolization in the liver — this is important if you’re on any medications that are metabolized in the liver.

When digested, CBD will be largely metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver, and this is completely fine unless you’re taking a dosage-sensitive hepatic medication. There is some concern that if CBD deactivates too many CYP enzymes the pharmaceutical drug may increase in concentration in blood plasma levels.

While this interaction between CBD and other drugs is very rarely seen, it is always best to talk with your doctor if you ever plan to mix CBD while on prescribed medication regardless of the method of administration.

What about edibles?

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention edibles. I see edibles around everywhere and people even just handing them out. Edibles are tricky because the dose in them can be super high — one friend told me his gummies, that he randomly purchased because he was interested in CBD, had over 100 mg per gummy. Luckily, he just complained that it made him tired and he ripped the gummies in half after that.

100 mg is completely fine to take and you will just start to feel tired because 100mg seems to be where CBD makes a switch from a mild energy to boost to sleepy time tea. However, the average CBD dose is 15-30 mg and so one gummy with 100mg is pretty crazy. Just make the gummies yourself with CBD oil and get a proper dose.

Final Thoughts

You will want to way the pros and cons of each method. I really don’t think you can go wrong with the oil application as you really experiment around to find your best dose and that is important. Why take a higher doses then you need that just wastes your hard-earned money.

If you’re curious about giving CBD to your pet, then check out Vitaleaf Naturals for all things pet health.

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