Canine Massage Therapy

doggie massage

Humans have been known to pet animals for centuries. Animals like dogs and cats have always been a part of human history in one way or another. Even though there were other animals like cows, goats etc., they were never given the same stature of pets as it is often given to cats and dogs. When it comes to friendliness and loyalty, dogs have maintained their position at the top.

Once we started petting dogs, in order to take care of them and keeping them healthy, we started to give them messages. Massaging dogs have been practiced for thousands of years, but became popular as recently as the 1980s. Just like flea dip for dogs helps with the flea problems, massages for dogs help anxiety problems. People started considering massages for their dogs after knowing its benefits for humans. And after that, the popularity has grown ever since. Now, it has become a trend and many medical professionals prescribe massage therapy as a way to heal those dogs who can’t be treated with just medicines. Now, there are professionals with certificates and a certain level of experience which helps them in getting paid by giving massages to animals. 

What’s a Canine Massage Therapy?

In simple terms, massage is something that helps in stress reduction from the body. Also, it helps in better healing of joints and muscles and has been known to provide instant pain relief. 

Dog massage is the same as any massage. A dog massage helps in reducing stress and anxiety from dogs. Also, it helps the dog in relaxing and getting rid of any pain. It is generally done by kneading and rubbing the muscles of the dog. A dog massage is the best way to reduce pain if the dog is suffering from arthritis. Nowadays, more and more doctors are encouraging and accepting the practice of massage therapy as a way to treat various problems in dogs. 

Benefits of Canine Massage Therapy

Canine Massage Therapy has a vast number of benefits. The massage itself helps in improving the animal’s overall health. Massage is one of those things that can provide relief from stress as well as it can help in faster recovery post-surgery. Moreover, massage is something that can help in better circulation and healing of tissues. And the most important one is the motion. Massage can highly improve the motion of a dog. If a dog is going through stress or anxieties then one of the best things to do is take it for a canine massage therapy. A therapy won’t only uplift the animal’s mood, but it will also help the canine in becoming active. 

A lot of times, when pets become obese, or they start to develop problems like arthritis, then the worst thing that happens is that their daily exercise gets compromised. They become lazy and depressed and the smallest of movements put them in agony.  So, a massage can really help in such cases. Massage can help with pain relief and reduce the symptoms of arthritis over time. Frequent massages can improve the physical state of a dog. 

Other than that, massages can speedup the healing process. So, if there are any injuries (internal or external) then massages can help in healing. Also, if there is any tissue damage, then the healing process of that speeds up. 

Dogs are animals that need love and attention and when suddenly the owners stop giving that to them, dogs get really stressed. Then there are abandonment issues. These things can cause trauma to them over a certain period of time. To get rid of that, massages are the key. The best part and the most important benefit of giving dogs massage is that it helps in better bonding with the owner. 

How to give a massage at home?

1.    Stroking

One of the easiest ways to give your dog a massage is stroking. All you have to do is start by stroking from the top of his skull to the tip of its tail. Try to do this repeatedly and with every stroke, increase the pressure. But make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure.

2.    Kneading

Kneading is another way to give your pet a wonderful massage. You just have to move your fingers and thumbs in a circular motion on the pet’s body. These help in releasing the stress of the muscles.

There are many other ways to massage your pet. But these are the basics and can be done without any professional guidance. Still, if you are unsure, you can always take your pet to a canine massage clinic. 


Massages are one of the best healing therapies known by humankind and applying that to animals can strengthen the bond between us. These massages can be easily given at home or can be given under the guidance of a medical professional. Canine massage therapies are the best way to give your pet an amazing experience and stress-removal sessions. 

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