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The Unique Style of Scandinavian Design

scandinavian designs

Produced in some of the the coldest regions of the world, the style includes pieces of furniture tones and deep lines inspired from fjords. This may be a very cold style fashion, but it a very warm one.

The decorations made in the style which we love today are a legacy from those imposed by King Gustave the 3rd of Sweden and from the comfortable and light style of the 30s. However, this style became a tremendous success in the 50s. After the 50s, the 60s and the 70s, Scandinavian design returned into the world of interior design and decorating. This style of design was created by the Swedish, the Finnish and the Norwegians, as well as by the Danish and the Icelanders. It was very well-known for its elegant and simple contours, preserving a character that was both appealing and functional.


Scandinavian designs include a lot of wood, darker woods were used mostly in Denmark and lighter mainly in Sweden. Though most common in kitchens and bedrooms, wood can be found throughout the home in Scandinavian countries. Wood is the most important component of contemporary furniture and decorating items. It can be found in chairs, tables, benches, wardrobes, beds, dressings and cabinets. These pieces of furniture being attractive and highly functional.

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