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How to Train a Puppy

train dogsAll of us know that dog training for puppies is a necessary task that has to be done. However, when one goes to train the puppy at the age of five months, there are some important things that you need to remember that is very crucial in order to ensure that the puppy grows up well.

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Smelly Dog? May be More than Meets the Nose…

smelly dog

Fellow dog owners, I feel your pain! Or should that read “I smell your pain”?  Mud, rain, snow, puddles and mucky ponds all play their part creating that dreaded smell.  Throw in a puppy who also likes to roll in you know what, and bingo! Welcome to Dog Pong Land – guaranteed to infest your house, your car and possibly even you.

But all is not completely lost, as most smells can be minimised by regular grooming, using the correct products, and not over doing it on the bathing front.  Truth be told, some dogs do smell more than others, but did you know that not all smells are created equal? Fact is, some smells may be a sign that not all is right with your pet.

Time to See the Vet?

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Traits of the French Bulldog

French bulldogs

What are the traits of a French bulldog?

Frenchies are a great even-tempered house dog. They are particularly popular with urban citizens who live in limited-space apartments.

People love the fact that Frenchies are small-built dogs, and they don’t shed much. More than that, they come in a variety of different colors; they chill, bark, make you laugh,

and many more wonderful traits only left to you, the owner to discover.

So, what are the traits of a French bulldog that give them a huge fan club across the country? Find all out right below.

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How to Help a Constipated Cat

constipated petIt can be a pain to see your feline friend struggling to pass stool. It is even more heartbreaking when there is blood in your cat’s rock-hard stool. The real cause for alarm is when your cat is not defecating for two days straight. If cat constipation is not solved right away, it can lead to a build-up of hard stools in the colon.

What causes cat constipation?

Dehydration is the most common cause of difficulty in elimination. Other problems include a mainly dry food diet, lack of fiber intake, joint problems, pain in the pelvis, a lack of exercise, senior cat problems, and weight issues. Ingestion of copious amounts of cat fur and hazardous material like rubber band, string, and bones can also block the intestine and colon.

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An Easy Guide to Complete Diabetic Pet Management

pet diabetes

Keeping pets may be an easy decision for you out of your love for animals, but managing them is something that later makes you wish at times, that you had never made that. Obviously this is not the case with everyone! But to some, it really gets that tough. 

When you talk about pets which are diabetic, it doesn’t get tougher than that. However, if you could learn from the start to the end of keeping a pet, especially diabetic ones, it would get easy for you to keep and manage them.

That is what the intention is behind this blog. Let us give you a complete diabetic pet management guide, so that you would never regret you decision to opt for keeping a pet. 

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