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Services Available for Dogs

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What Type of Services Are Available for Dogs?

You bring dogs home as a cute puppy and it quickly turns into a new family member. Dogs offer a lot of love, fun, and protection. There is no question about loyalty because your dog will never leave you alone whatever the situation is. That’s why people also love to take care of their furry pets and offer them the best protection against diseases and the best cure for the health issues affecting their lives. If you have recently got a cute little puppy and you do not know what types of services your pet needs to live a healthy life, continue reading and you will find the answer. 

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Babies and Dogs: Creating a Safe Relationship

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Throughout the years, dogs have been known to bring joy, loyalty, and a sense of security to families all across the world –– whether they’re adopted or chosen as puppies. But what if children are involved and the animal experiences new behavioral problems? Does the joy remain in the home, or does it go away? The answer to that question depends on the owner and their training abilities. With that in mind, in order to protect both your child and your four-legged animal, it’s important for your child to learn how to interact with the family’s pet to help reduce tension.

If kids aren’t taught how to respect an animal’s personal space, things can go south quick, and the child could get bit. Depending on the bite, the injury could range from minor to severe and could result in the animal being euthanized, which is something no family wants. So, to avoid these things from happening, it’s best for parents and guardians to work with their children early on to establish a good relationship.

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Is Your Dog Happy?


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Dogs are generally good-natured, upbeat and happy companions for many of us. But how do we know if our fur babies are truly happy? 

We often think of emotions as only belonging to humans, due to our place at the top of the animal kingdom. But have you ever considered animals and emotions? Dogs (and a host of other animals) can experience emotions similar to ours. Emotions such as happiness, love, sadness, grief are also experienced by other animals, including our canine friends. 

Canine Body Language

Dogs aren’t able to tell us how they’re feeling at any one moment; instead they speak with body language. For instance, what does your dog do when he’s happy you’ve returned home? He wiggles and squiggles, barks, and wags his tail—expressing joy in his entire body! This is an example of canine body language. 

Just as dogs express happiness, they can express other emotions, too, such as sadness, confusion, etc. 

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Productivity 101: The Benefits of Having Dogs in the Office

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If you love four-legged animals, then you know how hard it is to leave them behind when you’re heading out the door to go to work. They cry as you get in your vehicle and watch you drive away until they can’t see you anymore. The process itself is really heartbreaking not only for the animal but for the pet owner who sits at their desk all day thinking about their four-legged animal as well.

This could be why companies are now changing some of their policies. There is no denying that pets in the work environment are becoming a growing trend in today’s work industry. It hasn’t been widely accepted by everyone yet, though participating businesses will oftentimes invite and welcome employee’s pets for things like charity events and fundraisers to help support a cause.

In acknowledgment of this trend, and the fact that dog owners love spending time with their four-legged friend to improve their relationship, many supervisors of outdoor restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and bars along with other venues, have started relaxing their policies regarding dogs entering their establishment.

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Canine Massage Therapy

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Humans have been known to pet animals for centuries. Animals like dogs and cats have always been a part of human history in one way or another. Even though there were other animals like cows, goats etc., they were never given the same stature of pets as it is often given to cats and dogs. When it comes to friendliness and loyalty, dogs have maintained their position at the top.

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