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Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019


2019 technology

The world around us continues to evolve as more technology becomes a part of our daily lives. For 2019, here are 10 emerging technologies which can be leveraged by and other IT firms for financial and business growth.


Internet of Things or IoT has been a buzzword in IT circles for quite a while. It is a diverse field that can mean different things for different users. From a business standpoint, it may imply extracting information from communication between different devices. This information can subsequently be used for marketing and revenue generating purposes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has improved the customer experience that businesses provide through applications like chatbots and smart websites. Overall, this has facilitated in making company operations more efficient for firms like software development services companies. As a result, both customers and companies are mutually benefitting from AI.

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Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 llc

Netgear Nighthawk

If you are planning to take your WiFi connection to the next level, the NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK AC1750 smart WiFi router might be the best choice for you as this product is packed with overwhelming features that will really amaze you. It very easy to set-up that even first time users of WiFi routers can enjoy it hustle-free. It is very user-friendly but has a dense quality in a performance that lets you connect multiple devices at the same time without experiencing lagging connection. The NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK AC1750 smart WiFi router is designed for large homes that you can enjoy what it really means to be on mobile as you move from place to place, this smart WiFi router has the Beamforming+ feature that beams signals and lock it directly from the router to the connected devices and not elsewhere.

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Technology Trends in China

china tech

China Tech giants are working at a great pace to bring more innovation in the tech industry. With 1.3 Billion population, the country has made a lot of growth in the Tech industry. They know how latest technology can exponentially grow their economy and exports.

The country’s tech growth can be observed with the fact that most of the smartphone factories are located there. The government provides flexible taxation plans to tech industries to make sure they keep scaling while bringing innovation to their work.

Other than hardware tech, China has made great progress in mobile applications ecosystem. The presence of E-Payment gateways, multi-purpose apps like WeChat has transformed China a trendsetter for tech.

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Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Clinic

eco friendly clinic

As the world grows more connected, there’s a consciousness expanding around ecological care. Most of us share the world and are accountable for leaving it in its natural beauty and state.

This value of maintenance for the environment is one which connects directly to the care that physicians give to their patients. Clinics and hospitals such as doctors’ offices, dental clinics and other specialised health clinics can often produce a lot of waste and not be the most environmentally conscious. Being aware of this fact, here are five ways doctors, clinic owners and health care teams can be more eco-friendly.

1) Switch to Sustainable Materials

It’s true that some medical tools just cannot be replaced. You require latex gloves and other non-biodegradable substances to carry out your everyday responsibilities. However, some products such as styrofoam can readily be substituted with much more earth-friendly materials. Look at alternatives in areas such as the lunchroom where re-usable utensils and kitchenware can replace plastic.

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5 Easy Ways to Green Up Your Business


Consumers have changed, and now more than ever, they’re prepared to put their money into environmentally friendly products and therefore businesses. Most online consumers say that they are prepared to pay more for goods and services offered by firms that are dedicated to positive social and ecological effect, as well as minimising environmental damage.

We have observed an uprise of social businesses, and businesses thinking beyond merely making money. However, what if your new brand was not constructed off being responsibile?

How do any manufacturers begin thinking more about assisting the world and the planet we live in when it comes to their enterprise? Listed below are five (more straightforward) ways your company can be eco-friendly without altering your entire business model.

Switch to Reusable or Green Packaging

Does your shop utilise plastic packaging and bags? What type of packaging are clients receiving? There are all those eco-friendly packaging choices today, from compostable or reusable bags to recyclable paper and cardboard. Rethink the sort of packaging you’re using at all phases of your organisation, and find out options or methods that you can reduce wasteful, unnecessary packaging.

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