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What is the IAPCC and What Does it Do?


What is International Association of Private Career Colleges?

The IAPCC is an Australian educational non-profit association, that acts as a coordinating body for private career colleges. The IAPCC was founded in 2009 and is an acronym that stands for the International Association of Private Career Colleges. Associations are organizations that serve the interest of members, and this also includes associations that primarily accept institutions as members. There is a growing interest in private career colleges that provide programming for technical and career-oriented students. The benefits also include flexible classes, and completion times that can be accelerated depending on the interest and capabilities of the student. Students look to private colleges for building a specific set of skills or to get an educational experience that covers a broad spectrum of studies. 

The IAPCC functions as an international umbrella organization for private colleges that provide these educational programs to students. This is a member-only group that requires member institutions to be fully recognized by the regional accreditation authorities in their respective regions. In order to qualify as a member, the institution must also be in good standing. Member institutions that are unable to meet these basic requirements are subjected to having their membership credentials revoked without refunding dues. If the institution is already affiliated with regional or local associations, the membership dues might be reduced. 

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