7 Simple Tricks for a Healthy Shiny Dog Coat

shiny dog coat

Like most pet owners you probably consider your dog an important member of your family. You want to ensure that your pup is both happy and healthy. An often overlooked, yet vital indicator of canine health, is your dog’s coat. A shiny, soft coat is reflective of a well taken care pooch. There are a number of simple tips and home remedies that can guarantee your dog has a sleek and smooth coat regardless of the time of year. 

A dog’s coat is commonly delineated into one of two types: a double coat or a single coat. A double coat consists of an undercoat and a topcoat, whereas a dog with a single coat lacks the additional undercoat. Long haired dog breeds, for instance, do not have a double coat and their coat is referred to as simply a hair coat. In contrast, mountain dogs or breeds such as the Newfoundland possess a double coat consisting of both the soft undercoat and tougher topcoat.

Regardless of breed, a dry and brittle coat can be indicative of a variety of underlying issues. Causes of a dull coat can range from a poor diet to other common health issues such as tapeworms, infections, or thyroid problems. A visit to veterinarian can rule out more serious health issues that may result in a dull and dry coat. 

Once your dog has a clean bill of health here a few simple things you can do to keep your dog’s coat full and shiny. 

1. Diet 

The diet that  your dog eats can be just as important as what you put on your dog’s coat. A diet that is rich in necessary vitamins and minerals can go a long way towards giving your dog the nutrients they need for a sleek coat. Check your dog’s food label with an eye out for the proper combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Nutrients such as zinc, selenium, and biotin contribute to the healthy growth of a coat and can prevent a brittle and dry coat. 

2. Supplements 

Sometimes it might be necessary to optimize your dog’s nutritional intake by adding pet supplements to their base diet. Omega-3 fatty acids have been recognized as playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy coat. This can be achieved by adding either flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements to your dog’s food. 

3. Eggs

For a natural and economical source of nutrients vital to your dog’s coat look no further than the egg. Eggs contain a number of vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy coat and can be served cooked by themselves as a treat or as an addition to dog’s food. It is important to know that some dogs can be allergic to eggs so it is encouraged to speak with your veterinarian prior to the addition of eggs to your dog’s diet. 

4. Bathing routine 

Although canines do not require as frequent bathing as their human counterparts it is important to bathe your dog regularly. Depending on your dog’s coat the frequency for bathing can vary, but once a month is a good rule of thumb. Shampoo made especially for dogs is recommended and can be followed by canine conditioner. Make sure the water is warm, but not hot as this can further dry out your dog’s skin. 

5. Oatmeal bath 

Sometimes your dog may need a bit of extra pampering when the regular bathing routine is just not cutting it. An oatmeal bath is the best way to provide your dog’s skin and coat with vitamin E which is has been shown to improve both coat sheen and overall appearance. Simply blend one cup of oatmeal into a fine powder and add to a bathtub of warm water. Allow your dog to soak for up to 10 minutes. Follow with a good rinse and then towel-dry and brush your dog while still slightly damp. 

6. Regular brushing 

Speaking of brushing, you should not reserve brushing your dog’s fur to only following an oatmeal bath. In addition to removing dirt brushing stimulates both the skin and hair follicles producing a shiny and healthy coat. It is recommended you brush your dog’s fur every other day for maximum benefit. 

7. Protect against the elements 

While a proper dog diet and regular bathing and brushing can keep your pup’s coat healthy it is also important to consider external factors such as the weather. A variety of dog jackets and sweaters can be found both online and in your local pet store. Such outerwear is designed specifically to keep your pooch warm and dry. Guarding against harsh weather can keep your dog with a healthy coat all year long. 

Follow these tips and your dog’s glossy and shiny coat will be the envy of all the other pet owners at the dog park. If these tips do not have the results you want, contact your vet to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to a less than lustrous coat.

About the Author

Olivia Harper is the co-founder of the blog Daily Dog Stuff. She is a reserved and passionate pet parent who loves to spend time with her Sibe, who keeps her active and social. Read more of her guides and tips by visiting the blog or following their page @dailydogstuff.

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