How to Train a Frenchie

cute Frenchie

Puppies are some of the cutest creatures on earth. We see them all over blogs and social media, with some even having their own pages with thousands of followers. It’s no wonder that many people are wanting to adopt these little characters as an addition to their families. Of course, with adopting any new pet, especially a puppy, there is a lot of responsibility involved in making sure that your new puppy is well taken care of. French Bulldogs, in particular, have special needs as a breed so it is important that you follow these tips to ensure the best life for your new doggie.

Learn About the Breed

Although most dogs will maintain similar characteristics with each other, French Bulldogs have specific tendencies and needs that should be studied carefully. For instance, their short snouts make breathing a little less easy than most other dogs. This means they tend to have respiratory sensitivities. Being aware of things like this can be a matter of life or death for your new pet as you would be cautious of his activity levels and health needs.

Feed Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet to sustain energy and strength. Their bodies need proper nutrients that mainly come from real food. If possible, be sure to feed them diets that are from whole ingredients. Typically, dogs should be getting plenty of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. You can either find some good options from dry foods at the store or you can prepare your own at home, controlling the ingredients yourself.

Give Your Dog Ample Amounts of Exercise

Along with a healthy diet, it’s important that you provide your new French Bulldog Puppy with lots of time to be active. He will need to expend his energy and keep his overall body functioning properly. You can play fetch and this will get his heart and mind racing, indeed. You can also take your new puppy out for regular walks around the neighborhood. Be sure that you secure him with a leash and harness. This will definitely help to keep him safe by your side at all times. A dog harness is essential to help train your new puppy as well. What’s more is that a French Bulldog harness would work well with your dog’s respiratory sensitivity by limiting his pulling, alleviating pressure from his chest and diaphragm. The ones from Porky Paws have multiple colors options as well as provide ways to train your puppy.

Take Your Pet in for Regular Vet Visits

Your puppy definitely needs to see a professional veterinarian, especially in his first few months as a puppy. A veterinarian can help with not only keeping shots up to date, but identifying any early on issues the French Bulldog would have. Veterinarian visits are ideal and should be visited at least once a year to ensure that everything is in working order and your dog is in good health.

It’s no secret that taking care of puppy can be hard work. Both of you will need to become accustomed to one another and the environment. You should be prepared for sleepless nights in the beginning. Having a French Bulldog puppy can be similar to raising a baby. Although it can be a difficult process, the rewards that come out of it are priceless. You are able to bond with the puppy and the sooner you follow these essential tips, the more likely you will begin to see success with raising your first French Bulldog puppy. Just remember to remain patient, loving and consistent. With these characteristics, you can’t ever do wrong by your puppy. He will love you and stay loyal to you, up until the last day of his life.


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