Modern Dog Breeding for Purebreds

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The breeding of purebred dogs today has become very complex. Even in several breeds of dogs there are different breeding lines that produce type and traits of dogs within the same breed of dog. This has come about due to breeders likes and dislikes of a certain types, sizes or colors.

But every breeder of purebred dogs wants to remember that breed of dog breed standard. Does this compare to picture of of dogs of its breed of older or of dogs bred in its breed? Finally does it possess the character? Last but not least is the dog of sound breeding lines that are healthy?

These are questions before they tackle the task of breeding any litter of puppies in any breed of dog; that anyone thinking of breeding dog or any breeder should ask himself. The next thing on your mind should be what exactly are you going to do about it.

There are three breeding methods for dogs or purebreds, line breeding, out crossing and inbreeding. Lets us discuss them shortly. And let’s see if I can get you taking a look and think about the way you’re breeding your dogs; whether for business or to make the perfect modern pet.

Breeding Out

This type of breeding is seen a lot in dog breeding where associated dogs who are bred of associated stock are bred on your dogs pedigree. This sort of breeding will not produce dogs of the same type, quality and soundness. Breeding the modern dog this way may bring in things a breeder is unaware of or make it impossiable to pin point and only leads to uncertain factors were problem or a trait.

Only very experienced breeders should carry out cross breedings. These modern dog breeders are only looking to fix a fault. Or are looking to make a certain improvement in their dogs. Then the breeder must be sure the dog they are using carries this trait himself. Also that the line they have been bred down from carries this trait or improvement for at least the previous 3 generations in there line or pedigree for it to have any effect on result in making the want changes, after this these dogs from the outside cross are usually bred back to the primary breeding line.

Cross breeding should not be accomplished by breeders that were new; or by new comers. Outside cross breeding isn’t any way to start a program when trying to generate soundness, temperament and constant type on your dogs. Out crossing even long time breeders have made mistakes. And it is the quickest way to change temperament, type and soundness.

I always recommend you do some research as well as understand your breed of dog; in order to educate yourself and at least learn basic knowledge. Or do some reading before you start to bred any breed of dog. Seek the aid of other breeders in your breed of dog that have been around awhile. Breeders are willing to assist and give guidance to new comers and all novice dog breeders.

Line Breeding

Line breeding is the breeding of puppies bred down from a specific breeding line of dogs. Many breeders think line breeding is close breeding of related dogs. They also think they should avoid it. Nothing is farther from the truth. Very good line breeding will produce your best dogs; who will in return create greater dogs if done right. Line breeding will give you much greater results.

If the breeder is currently starting out with everything being great, that is and the line there breeding back into is great with all things in there breed of dog, they need. Line breeding will quickly show a breeder just how great the line is. But line breeding will demonstrate the breeder in there breeding program, any defects or problems they may have.

There are formulations for line breeding. Books on dog breeding discuss this in great detail. There are different degrees of line breeding as well. So it is not my attenion to go into these formulas here. Half sister breeding using a pedigree that was out cross line in the center of there. The half brother has demonstrated results if the dogs used are of very good quality, sound and have good temperments.

Line breeding does require research and knowledge. You should make sure to always do this before any breeding of puppies. Line breeding in most instances will create higher quality of dogs in any breed; as long as you’re starting out with very good bred stock of the breed of dog you’re trying to breed and you better. Line breeding has been proven by many breeders and kennels that excelled in producing better dogs.


Inbreeding is line stock to each other’s breeding. This sort of breeding should never be accomplished by the novice. Some breeders may on occasion pull a inbreeding to put in a feature or type however than the breeding of the dogs down from this point must be used and within the aims for.

Inbreeding is only for long time breeders that are very knowledgeable on the topic, and know what it takes to breed the modern dog. Because this type of breeding will truly intact the good traits in addition to bring problem or any traits out to a degree. It has however created some great top quality dogs. These dogs have in turn created other quality puppies that are high quality. However due benefits in breeders need to put down puppies and it isn’t for the weak at heart. Inbreeding isn’t a recommended form of breeding for inexperienced breeders.
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One should not take the breeding of purebred dogs lightly. Every breeder should attempt to gain as much knowledge as they can on the breed type, breed standard, soundness and health not for getting its temperament. Do your research. Keeping this in mind it will guarantee that you breed healthful and better dogs for several years to come. After all breeding dogs that are bred that are pure is a true art form.

Don’t purchase your next puppy until you seek out a breeder of that breed of dog you want who has been breeding for a while. You’ll be happier for years to come and so will your puppy. Today breeders also supply health guarantees on puppies they market. And breeders that are reputable stand behind their puppies. This is because they understand what has gone into producing them.

I hope this article was helpful and shed some light on the modern breeding methods out there today.

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