Technology Trends in China

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China Tech giants are working at a great pace to bring more innovation in the tech industry. With 1.3 Billion population, the country has made a lot of growth in the Tech industry. They know how latest technology can exponentially grow their economy and exports.

The country’s tech growth can be observed with the fact that most of the smartphone factories are located there. The government provides flexible taxation plans to tech industries to make sure they keep scaling while bringing innovation to their work.

Other than hardware tech, China has made great progress in mobile applications ecosystem. The presence of E-Payment gateways, multi-purpose apps like WeChat has transformed China a trendsetter for tech.

Here are some of the top technology trends in China:

#1. 5G Communication

There’s been a lot of buzz about 5G recently. Tech giants are giving their best to win the 5G race and become the first company to launch 5G tech and devices.

China’s trend towards 5G can’t be ignored as Huawei Technologies has passed early development stages for its launch.

Reports suggest that China may be the first country to launch 5G tech and manufacture 5G phones. Hence, China’s top tech trend is all about 5G.

#2. Quantum computing

Quantum race is on fire and China is there with a huge surprise. The great wall of China has sent the world’s first quantum satellite into space from Gobi Desert. Four years have passed and China’s communication and broadcasting is improving simultaneously.

Micius, the only quantum satellite circles the earth at an altitude of 500km and uses the tech that’ll define our next century.

Quantum computing qubits instead of bits (1s or 0s), which can exist in multiple states. This way, they’re capable of storing more information with less energy consumption than conventional systems.

The thing that powers quantum computing is its unbreakable security. In 2017, quantum researchers used the satellite to hold a quantum-encrypted video call between Austrian and Chinese scientists. The encryption is so strong that there’s possibly no way to decrypt the information.

From the day quantum satellite was launched, China is desperate to influence the quantum industry.

#3. Edge Computing

After Quantum computing, China’s top tech trend is Edge Computing.

According to HPE:

“Edge Computing is the practice of processing data near the edge of your network, where the data is being generated, instead of in a centralized data-processing warehouse.”

The definition openly conveys the importance of data generation and processing near your network. This practice will eventually transform the speed and efficiency of data travel throughout.

Edge Computing’s trend has made possible for apps in China like Baidu to invest in. Baidu recently launched its first open-source edge computing platform which is a step forward to the era of effective computing. Baidu’s step opens a platform for developers to deploy their edge computing systems. Edge Computing race is as big as 5G and China is making smooth progress in this regard.

#4. Flexible Display

Flexible display trend is growing simultaneously and smartphones are the one to take advantage. The launch of Chinese Huawei Mate X with flexible display (foldable to be exact) has transformed our ideas into reality.

Other tech companies like Samsung is there as a customer for these flexible displays. After all, we love tech that covers less space with ease portability. A flexible or foldable display addresses that concern.

#5. Blockchain

Blockchain claims to be the most trusted crypto solution for digital payments. China owns two-thirds of blockchain-related patents. The country covers 72% of mining power for bitcoin; which is significantly high.

In other Asian countries like Pakistan where blockchain-backed bitcoin is banned, China has opened itself to dominate the blockchain space across the globe.

Blockchain is the most effective and permanent way to keep transaction records between two parties according to Wikipedia.

There’s no doubt Blockchain is a growing tech trend and China is dominating the trend at a great pace.

#6. Natural language processing

Natural language processing is a perfect example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which addresses the interactions between computers and human (natural) language. China is developing an NLP mechanism so that computers can understand, manipulate and interpret human language.

Artificial Intelligence war has got competition through various subfields and NLP has got some real focus. Other AI uses are still there while Natural Language Processing has got China’s efforts.

#7. Immunotherapy

With the improvement in digital ecosystem, health care is getting better. Immunotherapy is a growing tech trend that helps patients with cancer treatment. It uses a substance made by the body or in controlled laboratories to restore or improve the immune system function. That substance can help humans fight against common type of cancers like Melanoma.

China’s health authorities have invested in Immunotherapy to destroy Cancerous cells before they take lives.

The Bottom Line

Digital ecosystem-based apps in China and teaching in China through latest computing are getting common. Other than the trends we shared, China may also be working on some intelligence-based tech to make lives better and effective!

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