Tips for Modern Furniture Shopping

We all look forward to receiving brand new furniture, especially if it’s brand new modern or contemporary furniture. But, as exciting as this is, it can be equally devastating if the furniture ends up being the wrong size for its intended space, or too large to transport to that area. So it’s crucial that you do your homework before making the final purchase.

modern furniture


There is more to assessing a distance than just measuring depth the width and height of the space. Furniture showrooms have a modern design which is designed with the ceilings and walls scaled to the furniture screens; however, when you look at modern furniture in a showroom or a catalogue or on-line it doesn’t actually show you what the piece will look like in your dwelling.

Room sizes, ceiling heights, openings for windows and doors will have effect on achieving a outcome that is satisfactory.

A simple way to check how furniture might fit into your home is to have the measurements of the items taken from a website, catalogue, or contact a sales consultant and indicate their widths and depths. Then pile some cardboard boxes up into the appropriate heights so that you can return to get a great idea of how the furniture will look like.

What would be the consideration of access for delivery? When the carriers arrive with your exquisite new purchase you will realise how important it was to have expected any issues, and to have measured the doorways and halls.

Here are the key points you need to consider:

A) The furniture dimensions: its width (left to right), depth (front to rear) and height.
B) Is there simple access for the delivery truck? Can you arrange it otherwise?
C) If you live in a high-rise, where’s the loading dock? Is the ceiling and its entrance high enough to fit a delivery truck? Is the lift large enough?
D) How big is your home entrance?
E) How large are your interior doors? How wide is your hallway?

You must satisfy yourself that the furniture will fit angles and all these accesses through.


After buying a home and a car, furniture purchases are the third biggest investment most of us can be a very emotional decision, and will make. Even though the prices might vary, as so much furniture resembles when you visit different stores to choose your furniture it can be confusing. Some people buy on price; others believe you get what you pay for, both of them are biased. Some pieces might look wonderful in the showroom or in the catalogue but once they arrive you can become disenchanted. That is why it is important to understand the basics when choosing the furniture.


The type of furniture design greatly affects cost, probably more than any other factor. For example, Scandinavian design furniture is likely going to be more expensive than country ranch furniture. And modern recliners will often be more expensive than even the best recliners of traditional design. And as many people don’t know, there is a difference between modern and contemporary styles of furniture. Modern and contemporary design, while sharing many of the same qualities are also vastly different in their meanings; one is based upon design qualities while the other based upon the time period the work was created.

The materials account for about 50 percent of the cost of producing a piece of furniture as you are probably aware – design and labour are the other. If money is not an issue you might want to splurge on a world famous brand but if you are not the impressionable type and want true value for money then you should choose products that are created in areas that have much lower labour costs. That is, provided they are manufactured according to international quality standards. An item of furniture created by a good factory operating under ISO9001 quality control. And with reduced labour costs will provide you more value for your investment.

External appearance is relatively easy to copy, the finishing process and the structure is where quality counts. Choosing a provider with a long history, a good reputation, and a management culture that is good is critical when you are buying large ticket items. Don’t be misled by products that look similar – understand what’s not apparent, and ask the correct questions about quality.

Another consideration when buying is that furniture made for smaller units or apartments will probably look lost just as scale furniture will give a crammed feeling although it might fit into the room to a small apartment. When you begin your search not only do you need to think the scale of these designs but also about your personal taste.

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