5 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog 

dog relationship

It takes commitment and hard work to maintain a healthy relationship with a fellow human. And if you are not active, your relationship with your loved one will wax cold. Dog and man relationship can wax cold also. That is why you need to put in extra work to make your pup happy and improve the relationship between the both of you. It is never too late. You can start now and still earn your dog’s trust, love, and respect. Here are simple tips to help you improve the relationship with your cute pup.

Improve the quality of time you spend with your pup

You are always on the road, thinking about yourself, and maybe your immediate family. Wait a minute, is your pup not part of your family? Your relationship with your dog will never improve if you are that self-centered. Know that your absence is making your dog feel lonely. 

However, you can improve your relationship by spending quality time with your beloved dog. Take a walk often to strengthen the bond between the both of you; you will make your dog happy and healthier by doing this. And have in mind that a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Take your dog nutritional needs serious

If you have not been serious about what your dog eats, and how they affect her health, now is the time to start doing so. As the saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and this applies to your dog. Do everything possible to get the best dog food for your pup and cook fresh meals whenever you have the chance.

Be concerned about providing adequate nutrition for your dog. And you can even discuss your options with the vet doctor if you are confused about it. 

Give your dog the best training

Dogs need training like humans. But the significant difference is that humans can understand both visual signals and vocal cues better, while dogs understand visual signals more. However, you can still use both to train your dog.

Training will improve your communication and relationship with your dog, and prevent frustration. Being able to instruct your dog to do something and have it done will make you the owner happy.

Always show understanding and calmness

Seeing your dog chewing on your child’s shoe can make you go mad. But if you want to improve your relationship with your dog, nothing should make you lose your temper. In fact, yelling should be out of the equation also. The reason is that doing so will only scare your dog and cause a crack in the relationship between the both of you.

Don’t create room for jealousy

Jealousy destroys a relationship, and it affects both humans and animals too. So, avoid making your dog jealous at all cost. And you should also prevent anything that will make her feel sad or inferior. 


Your dog needs you more than you can ever imagine. Don’t forget that dogs also have emotions. However, your relationship with your dog needs to be cordial. You need to take the right approach to make it work to avoid hatred which is mostly bred by loneliness. We have highlighted a few tips that can help you achieve that. Start working on them to restore your relationship with your pup.

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