Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019


2019 technology

The world around us continues to evolve as more technology becomes a part of our daily lives. For 2019, here are 10 emerging technologies which can be leveraged by and other IT firms for financial and business growth.


Internet of Things or IoT has been a buzzword in IT circles for quite a while. It is a diverse field that can mean different things for different users. From a business standpoint, it may imply extracting information from communication between different devices. This information can subsequently be used for marketing and revenue generating purposes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has improved the customer experience that businesses provide through applications like chatbots and smart websites. Overall, this has facilitated in making company operations more efficient for firms like software development services companies. As a result, both customers and companies are mutually benefitting from AI.

5G 5g

5G wireless connectivity promises to change the way we do business. With speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, it can minimize the latency to the point that data can communicated without delay. It can therefore open doors for futuristic applications like remote surgeries and driverless cars.

Serverless computing

The concept of serverless computing is proving to be a great help for business activities. It reduces infrastructural and operational costs which gives companies a better chance of succeeding in today’s competitive market.


Blockchain is a great way for businesses to conduct their transactions in a secure and transparent way. Initially, a lot of players entered the blockchain market but now that the fad phase is over, serious users have stuck around and constructive work is being done to refine the technology.


Robotics has played an integral role in industrial automation. They have made the mass production process more efficient and less expensive. Consequently, more high-quality products can be provided to the consumers.


Biometrics have become a regular fixture in our day to day lives due to the integration of fingerprint scanners and face ID in most smartphones. It presents a great opportunity for IT firms to utilize this technology for offering solutions that require identity verification. 

3D printing

3D printing is an interesting area for commercial applications. Services such as prototype creation and making children’s prosthetics can be provided through 3D printing. With the technology getting better and cheaper, the prospects of 3D printing are better than ever.

Virtual reality (VR)/ Augmented reality (AR)

Whether it be for entertainment or work, VR and AR offers a host of different possibilities for different organizations. VR based training environments are a great way to introduce novices to harsh environments. Similarly, VR and AR can provide an immersive experience for gamers.


In the past, drones were viewed as military equipment but now, they have come under the use of the general public. They can be used for videography/photography and even for racing. As they continue to become more common, it creates a market for businesses to offer drone related services.

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